Live. Strive. Race

We know you are looking to get the most possible out of your marketing budget, and that not every company is looking for the same thing. That is why we tailor each partnership to your unique needs, allowing us to deliver exactly what you're looking for, at 110%. Our team has extensive experience on both sides of the partnership, and its for that reason we believe we have a completely different out look to most event companies. We treat our sponsors like partners, and celebrate their success each step of the way. We go the extra mile for each and everyone of them, because we value their support and love to see them back year after year.

If you are interested in partnering with us this season, feel free to reach out to info@bbscendurance.com We'd love to discuss any ideas you might have, big or small. 

 Experience the best endurance races at the most scenic venues in the state. Our event crew specializes in producing top-notch, multi-sport races for elite, age group and beginner athletes. Our grassroots company will provide the best race atmosphere for you to achieve your personal best race. Our race director’s top priority is your safety! Whether you are training for a longer distance or competing in your first triathlon, we have a race for you!

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